I have been working with families across the globe for over two decades. I began my educational career in New Delhi (India) where I taught English Literature in Janki Devi College (University of Delhi). My interest in special education began when the college enrolled students with visual impairments and the faculty required specially designed programs for these students. Working with professionals in the field of visual impairment, I made sure the first cohort of visually impaired students graduated successfully.

It was a learning experience in many ways and one that waved the way to the University of Minnesota (USA) where I completed my PhD. in Educational Psychology. My research focused on teaching thinking skills to children with special needs using a program called Instrumental Enrichment. Upon my return to India I started working with schools, training teachers and supporting them using an inclusion model. Vasant Valley School, Shri Ram School, and Springdales School (New Delhi) were some schools that initiated support for students with special education. I conducted nationwide workshops to impart instructional skills to teachers, parents, and special educators. Upon our family relocation to Dubai (UAE) in 1996, I started working at the Rashid Pediatric Therapy Center a pioneer institute for special needs children.

I started writing a regular weekly column in the Friday magazine of Gulf News focusing on issues relevant to education, social and emotional development, learning and parenting. Currently employed at the American School of Dubai as a counselor, I have the opportunity to widen my skill base to include working with children in the mainstream, supporting their social and emotional well-being.  Over the years I have consistently continued to provide diagnostic assessments for children and support parents that need my advice, professional programs or just a shoulder to lean on. My first book entitled Children and learning difficulties was published in 1996 and revised in 2007. I am currently working on my second book on understanding autism.

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