Dr. Nakra has conducted workshops for parents, teachers and educators.

Topics include:

  • What is a learning disability?
  • The impact of new research on learning disability
  • Parenting your child’s attitude
  • The Motivation breakthrough
  • Attention deficit disorders in girls
  • Helping children cope with grief and loss
  • Inclusive education – what it is and isn’t
  • Understanding sexual development of children
  • Transition and change
  • Raising an entitled child
  • Setting limits with love
  • Parenting with love and logic
  • Friendships in young children
  • Social and emotional development in children
  • Understanding autism
  • Raising global nomads
  • Why parents matter
  • My child, a bully
  • When kids call the shots
  • Balancing love and anger
  • Navigating school
  • The new adolescence

» Change and transition

» Developing Key Skills for your Child's learning

» Raising Global Nomads

» The minefield of friendships